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2012-05-07 07:28 am

hello fellow PBJ members!

although I am kinda disappointed for getting kicked out of Jirk, I will make the most out of being with you guys cause hey I like this pairing too :)

here it some REALLY OLD stuff I drew way back when the other HSO was going on (here is where you say: WOW ALLY! You've not improve at all since then! And I shall reply: YOU BET YOUR ASS I HAVEN'T U v U)

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2012-05-07 07:17 am

Bye everyone ; A ;~!!

It was EXTREMELY short lived, but it seems I've been kicked out fully from team Jirk. I will miss you guys very much, even though I've only met you guys a couple days ago. I will most likely (I'm assuming somewhere between 75-90%) be in team PBJ, which although I think it's great, I think you guys on this team are pretty great too. I will be cheering for both team Jirk and team Kats and Dogs from the sidelines, so I hope you guys will still enjoy what I have to offer, even if I can't be on your team to do anything.

Also I think I should mention this by no means says I don't like my new team; I already personally know at least two people on it, and I think I will grow to like the rest of them too.
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2012-05-06 12:57 am


I basically made this account for the HSO :)